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Photography by Tony Triolo

I’m just now getting around to posting a link to a Blurb photo book I did a while back following at trip we took to Germany and Poland.

While accompanying my wife on a recent business trip to Berlin, I had the opportunity to explore Germany’s capital city on my own. Traveling mainly on foot, I got a chance to see this amazing and historic city up close and personal. I found that Berlin is a surprisingly easy city to navigate, despite its enormous size. I was even more surprised to see what little evidence remains of the East-West separation of the Cold War era. I think it is a great tribute to the dedication and resolve of the people and political leaders who worked so tirelessly in order to make reunification of Germany a reality back in 1990.

Following our ten days in Berlin, we crossed over the border into Poland – one country in Europe we had never been to before. We traveled all over, but concentrated our visit on the southern half of the country, and while Poland will never replace Germany, Italy or France as our favorite European destination, it did provide some wonderful experiences and memories. The city of Cracow turned out to be the highlight of our entire trip. The city glows with the warmth of its old world charm, its quaint streets, beautiful architecture and amazing people.

A Photographic Tou…
By Tony Triolo

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