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My last posting in June was about a place called Old Car City, a vehicle graveyard in the town of White, Georgia, just a quick drive from Atlanta. It’s a place that’s gained quite a lot of attention in recent years with photographers who seek out the old, the grungy and the desolate. Not only is it a repository of over 4,000 pre-1970 vintage automobiles, but its location nestled amongst acres of tall Georgia pine trees just adds to its unique charm. This week, I found myself photographing cars again, but this time they still have some life left in them and in some cases, a whole lot of life. I attended the Shoals British Car Show out at Joe Wheeler State Park, just west of Rogersville, Alabama. Here are a few images from the event.

Morgan Aero 8

The back end of a 2005 Morgan Aero 8

I really had no idea of the level of interest for British motor cars in the Tennessee Valley. I mean, I’d seen my share of MGs and Triumphs driving around North Alabama, but those sightings are becoming more and more scarce. So, I was a bit surprised when I arrived to see somewhere near 100 cars on display, and on a day with the temperatures climbing by mid-afternoon to just shy of 100 degrees. There were not only plenty of MGs and Triumphs, but also Cobras, Jags, Austin Healeys and at least one Morgan. Most were in impeccable condition, but admittedly, some needed a bit of work to bring them up to primo status.

Austin Healey 3000

The “boot” end of a Austin Healey 3000

Cobra engine

Cobra 427 power plant

Morgan Areo 8

2005 Morgan Aero 8

The star of the show had to be the 2005 Morgan Aero 8. Hand-built and assembled in Malvern Link, England, both the body and chassis are made out of aluminum and it has ash wood framing. Only 400-600 are made in any single year, so they are a rather rare breed to be sure. Its BMW engine puts out 325 horsepower and due to its relative light weight it can do 170 mph. This particular copy was painted a very deep blue and the owner was telling me that when you order one you can choose between 30,000 colors. They are obviously built to order. This Areo 8 is only the second major design for four-wheeled vehicles since 1936 for Morgan.

Morgan Aero 8

Morgan Aero 8 grill and badge

Jaguare F Type

2014 Jaguar F Type convertible

Another star of the show was the almost brand new 2014 Jaguar “F” Type convertible. In bright red, it was definitely an eye-catcher. It also has an aluminum body and a few more horses (340) than the Morgan does, so it can certainly move down the highway. The Jaguar brand has been through a tough series of changes in the last several years including changes in ownership, model lineup, etc, so it’s good to see the company putting out some impressive vehicles once again and competing quite favorably with the likes of BMW, Porsche, Audi, Corvette and Mercedes.

I didn’t stick around to see which car came in “best of show,” but my money would have been on the Morgan. It was just a beautiful vehicle and one, I’m sure, 007 would be quite comfortable with.

Door handle

Jaguar F Type door handle

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