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Welti Falls

Welti Falls

A few days ago, I had a chance to visit Welti Falls in Cullman County, Alabama. Located in the town of Welti, the falls are created from the spillway of Forest Ingram Park. I had been to the falls once before, but at that time, it wasn’t flowing near as well as it was last week due to all the rain we have been getting. Now that things are drying up, I fear that the falls will too. What was equally nice about this recent visit was the fact that I had the place to myself. For a photographer, there is nothing more disturbing than to have other people milling about, ducking in and out of your shot. While they may think that they are not in your field of view, they never realize how wide some of these landscape lenses are. I often have to stop and wait for folks to have their experience and then finally move on.

For those interested, this shot required a 45-second exposure in order to get the water to blur to this degree. Since it was a sunny day, I had to use a 10-stop neutral density filter in order to dramatically reduce the exposure. It’s a bit difficult to work with because it is so dense that you can barely see through it. You must compose your image and have your focus dialed in before placing the filter in front of the lens. The exposure can be a bit tricky too, because the camera’s meter is often not sensitive enough to read the dim light filtering through. For that reason, I use a handheld light meter and adjust the exposure factoring in the 10-stop reduction.

The falls are located on Brindley Creek. There is a wide shoulder along Welti Road suitable for parking and next to the trailhead. A half-mile hike will take you to the falls. It’s a pretty easy hike, but the rocks can be slippery if it has recently rained. For you fellow photographers, pay attention to the creek itself. There are numerous photographic possibilities to be had well before reaching the falls.

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  1. I understand Welti Falls is now on private property.

    Comment by janet | January 4, 2022 | Reply

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